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Building Confidence with Every Save

Confidence is the most important part of being a goalkeeper. Confident goalkeepers perform at higher levels and can deal with the psychological, tactical, technical, and physical demands of the game. Playing in a position where perfection is expected and mistakes are amplified, goalkeepers are in the toughest position on the field. Confidence in everything they do is key for them to continue to develop the skills necessary to play and perform at a high level.

SuperKick Goalkeeper Programming is curriculum based training for goalkeepers of different ages and ability levels. The SuperKick Goalkeeping Coaching staff, are committed to help each goalkeeper who attends a training session at SuperKick become a better player. Each goalkeeper is pushed to develop strong training habits to become fundamentally sound and consistent in goal. As goalkeeper’s improve their technical abilities in net, they develop more confidence in game situations because they know they are prepared to meet the challenges of the game. Goalkeepers who are confident and fundamentally sound, ALWAYS give their teams the best chance to win the game.

Throughout the year, SuperKick offers goalkeeper classes, clinics, camps, and special events to provide consistent programming to meet any goalkeepers training needs and goals. These camp clinics are open to all players.

Goalkeeper Academy

Redefining What a Goalkeeper Can Be

The SuperKick Goalkeeper Academy is for goalkeepers who want to reach the absolute peak of their playing ability. Whether you're wanting to make your club's first team, high school team, ODP, play in college, or beyond, SuperKick's Goalkeeper Academy can help you fulfill your goals. Goalkeepers don't get enough training that is focused on their developmental needs. They need regular training from knowledgeable goalkeeper coaches for complete development. SuperKick's Goalkeeper Academy offers goalkeepers the opportunity to train up to 5 times a week and also offers unique programs such as video analysis, goalkeeper specific sports performance, written evaluations, in-game analysis, college recruiting videos, as well as other college selection help. These camp clinics are open to all players. The SuperKick Goalkeeper Academy is designed for goalkeepers U13 and up. Michael Flynn, our director of goalkeeping, will handle all Academy level placement so please contact him at mflynn@superkickcolumbus.com prior to enrolling.

  • Training sessions will be conducted with groups divided by ability level as opposed to by age.

  • The Academy will focus on producing technically excellent goalkeepers.

  • A coaching staff with experience coaching and playing at the youth, high school, college, and professional levels.

  • Goalkeepers will be pushed to their limits physically and mentally to create an atmosphere that is even more difficult than a game environment.

  • All Academy members receive a SuperKick Goalkeeper Academy training jersey and written evaluation!

Goalkeeper Pre-Academy

Redefining What a Goalkeeper Can Be

The SuperKick Goalkeeper Pre-Academy will be set up on the same principals as the Academy, but will train with the primary goal of getting goalkeepers as technically sound as possible. These training sessions will not only improve their goalkeeping ability it will also prepare them for entering the SuperKick Goalkeeper Academy. Goalkeepers don't get enough training that is focused on their developmental needs. They need regular training from knowledgeable goalkeeper coaches for complete development. SuperKick's Goalkeeper Pre-Academy offers goalkeepers the opportunity to train up to twice a week and with knowledgeable and experienced goalkeeper coaches who can identify technical issues and help the goalkeepers fix them. The SuperKick's Goalkeeper Pre-Academy is designed for goalkeepers with an understanding of the technical basics of the position. This was done with an age range of 10-12 in mind. These camp clinics are open to all players. Sessions are 1 hour and cost $15.


Young players should play in every position on the soccer field including goalkeeper with their teams. Unfortunately, most kids get very little training as a goalkeeper, so playing that position can be a very uncomfortable situation for a young child. This can quickly turn playing as a goalkeeper into a bad experience for a player, and the player decides he or she do not like playing that position. Goalkeeper is a great position that every player should learn how to play! With the proper instruction and guidance, playing goalkeeper should be just as much fun as any other position on the field. This program is designed to teach proper technique and the necessary skills required to be successful as a goalkeeper. This program is designed to build a goalkeeper’s foundation and confidence by improving their footwork, handling, and diving ability. These camp clinics are open to all players. - $15 per session!

Curriculum Focuses:

Three Basic Catches: Low ball scoop, basket catch and contour catch (Diamond or “Window” Shape Preferred)

Goalkeeper stance: Hard parts forward (chin, shoulders, hands, knees), body weight on balls of feet, balance neutral

Footwork: Proper angles, quick feet, keep body low

Collapse Diving: Technique of collapsing to both sides of the body, ball hits first, elbow tucked under, landing on the side of the body, ball placed in front of the GK’s face, knees bent, body in a forward motion, "three hand" catching technique.

Three Basic Distribution Techniques: Underhand roll, kick and punt.

Rules of the Goalkeeper: Penalty kicks, use of hands vs. feet.

GK Camps

SuperKick Goalkeeper Camp will focus on developing goalkeepers' overall technique for the position. This will include the goalkeeper working on their stance, balance, contour catches, low ball scoops, high ball collections, collapse dives, and 1-on-1 situations.

The camp will be focused on repetition of correct handling technique and footwork, this will reinforce the importance of making saves the right way. Proper handling is the foundation for goalkeepers and they cannot really progress at this position without a solid understanding of correct technique. Doing things the right way will be stressed throughout the camp by our coaches allowing for players to fully comprehend it's importance as they play. These camps are open to all players.

Are you looking for Individual Training or Specialized Small Group Training?

To schedule private training sessions, contact Michael Flynn, Director of Goalkeeping at 740.657.8888 or at mflynn@superkickcolumbus.com


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